How to unlock the car when the handlebar stuck and its working principle

The way to unlock the stuck handlebar lock:Step on the brake, hold the steering wheel with your left hand and shake it slightly with your right hand at the same time. Turn the key to unlock it. If you are not skilled, you may not successfully unlock it for the first time. Just follow the above steps several times. Locking the steering wheel is a very basic anti-theft function of the car. The locking principle of the steering wheel is that a steel pin is controlled by the spring through the rotation of the key. When the key is pulled out, as long as the steering wheel rotates, the steel pin will pop into the reserved hole, and then lock the steering wheel to ensure that it cannot rotate. When the steering wheel is locked, the steering wheel will not turn, the key will not turn, and the car cannot be started, so as to realize anti-theft.