How to choose a good heat sink

1. According to the material of the heat sink, radiators are divided into cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum and composite materials. Steel radiators and copper aluminum composite radiators are the mainstream products. The material determines its heating performance, safety, reliability and service life.

2. Pay attention to safety of the heat sink: heating pipes always store water in the heating season, so safety is important. When purchasing, we must follow the principle of "ask more, see more and distinguish more", start from the product details, and don't buy blindly because the product is "fooled" or the price is high.

3. In terms of style of the heat sink, most radiators have ordinary shapes, and there are also radiators with strange shapes. For example, radiators that can hang towels in the bathroom, which are both beautiful and practical, have attracted much attention. If you choose a colored radiator, consider whether the color will change after a period of use.

4. Looking at the heat dissipation of the heat sink, the important thing of the radiator is the quality and heat dissipation effect of the radiator. In terms of heat dissipation performance, pure aluminum and copper aluminum composite are good, followed by steel and cast iron. But cast iron radiator is safe and durable.