The introduction of the handlebar lock

The handlebar lock is a rod-shaped handle type door lock with adjustable handle direction.

The handlebar lock is suitable for both left and right door opening. The handlebar type door lock is composed of a lock body, a lock cylinder, a lock tongue, a rotating shaft at both ends and a handle. The section of the rotating shaft extending outward from the lock body is polygonal, and the inner hole of the rod-shaped handle matched with the rotating shaft is a polygonal hole corresponding to the cross section of the rotating shaft. Since the rotating shaft of the door lock is matched with the polygonal shaft hole of the handle, it is originally a lock in the state of left door opening. Pull the handle out of the shaft, turn it 180 degrees and cover it on the shaft to become a lock for right door opening. Because the direction of the handle is easy to adjust, the lock is suitable to be installed on both the left door and the right door. Manufacturers, merchants and customers all bring a lot of convenience because the lock does not have to be divided.