The manufacture technology of the heat sink(1)

Aluminum extruded heat sink
This is an excellent heat dissipation material widely used in modern heat dissipation. Most of the industry uses 6063 T5 high-quality aluminum, with a purity of more than 98%. It has strong heat conduction capacity, low density and low price, so it has been favored by major manufacturers. According to the thermal resistance value and calorific value of Intel and AMD CPUs, aluminum extrusion manufacturers formulate corresponding molds, heat the aluminum ingot to a certain temperature to change its physical shape, and then get all kinds of heat sink raw materials we want from the molds; Then it can be used for cutting, grooving, grinding, deburring, cleaning and surface treatment.

Aluminum cast heat sink
Although the price of aluminum extruded heat sink is low and the manufacturing cost is low, due to the soft texture of aluminum, the ratio of fin thickness to fin height generally does not exceed 1:18. Therefore, under the requirements of PC manufacturers for increasing heat dissipation area and unchanged heat dissipation space, manufacturers have put forward a more appropriate scheme to encrypt fins, So as to increase the number of fins; Bending fins to increase heat dissipation area; Heating the aluminum ingot from solid to liquid, passing through the mold, and then cooling it has become the heat sink we want.

Aluminum cutting heat sink
Although the effect that this aluminum extrusion cannot achieve is solved in terms of heat dissipation area, the precision of the mold now directly affects the overall modeling and heat dissipation capacity of our heat sink, so more manufacturers begin to think of using precision tools of processing machinery to directly cut the block aluminum ingot to the shape we want, so that there will be no deformation in the processing process, It will not make all kinds of impurities enter the heat sink in the process of aluminum extrusion, and it can also maximize our heat dissipation area.