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The manufacture process of the heat sink

Copper cutting heat sink
(heat sink)No matter how we change our processing technology, it is difficult to meet the increasing heat output of CPU after using aluminum extruded heat sink for such a long time. Some manufacturers have to sacrifice aluminum for copper in terms of cost. Because the thermal conductivity of copper is far greater than that of aluminum, the doubling of heat conduction energy is of great benefit to our heat dissipation; However, because the hardness of copper is much greater than that of aluminum, it is a severe test for the manufacturing process. Therefore, the traditional extrusion process can no longer be applied to copper, but has to be processed in this way.

Aluminum and copper stack heat sink
(heat sink)One thing we should pay attention to is that cost and profit are always the ultimate goals pursued by manufacturers, so major manufacturers began to come up with a more optimized scheme to make copper and aluminum sheets into various shapes of heat sinks we want by folding and pressing, and then connect them with appropriate heat sink bottom plates by welding, This not only meets our requirements for heat dissipation, but also speeds up our production progress and makes mass production easier

Copper embedded heat sink
(heat sink)The most perfect solution to this compromise should be the copper embedding technology pioneered by AVC. This harmoniously unifies the advantages of copper's fast heat conduction speed, high density and strong heat absorption ability with the advantages of traditional aluminum extrusion, such as light density, low price and convenient mass production;